What is a party? A party is a gathering of people celebrating something. Parties are usually celebratory in nature, but not always. Whether it’s a birthday or just to celebrate that you’re alive, there are many reasons for throwing a party. The best parties have great food and drinks, good music, and lots of laughter.

The basics of party planning:

Decide what type of party you want: birthday, housewarming, baby shower. Figure out the purpose and theme of your party. Decide on a date and time that works for everyone involved. Invite guests to attend (after making sure if it’s ok with them). Create an RSVP list so you know how many people are coming. Decide on a budget for food, drinks, and decorations (or ask everyone to bring something). Set the menu: make sure there is plenty of simple finger foods that can be eaten with one hand while holding glasses or plates in another without spilling. Get music going: pick songs based on the theme/mood you’re trying to set.

Food and drink ideas for the perfect party:

Buffet style or food stations: serve different types of foods at one time in several locations. Food should be easy to eat with no silverware required. Finger sandwiches, cheese and meat plates, chips & salsa/guacamole/salsa con queso dip, fruit skewers (with chocolate sauce), etc… Create a signature drink: having an interesting alcohol-free beverage or specialty cocktail is a great way to get guests talking. Create the perfect playlist: make sure it’s appropriate for your party theme, mood, and number of people attending (e.g., housewarming vs frat party). Focus on one genre of music if possible.

Music that will get people dancing all night long:

If you’re looking for the perfect playlist to get your guests moving, here are some suggestions: oldies hits from the 60s and 70s (think disco era), top 40 dance songs of today, hip hop/pop music. If it’s a younger crowd that is attending and they love rap or country music, consider those as well.

I hope you found this ultimate guide to planning a party helpful. Go ahead and call some friends up, pick a date for your event, make sure it’s on the calendar (and block out time in case something goes wrong), invite everyone that is attending or would like to come, set a budget if necessary, get food and drinks ready, and pick out some great music to play. Remember, the most important part of a party is having fun!

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