About Us

We started our site to help others who are getting ready to throw a party or event.

We have been throwing parties of the same type for the past few years

and we wanted some guidance on what can make it successful, so when we found some things that help for successful parties, we created this site to share what we know.

Our Vision

Our vision for this site is to be the most helpful and informative website on throwing parties. We want our readers always to go back here if they need any help finding anything that relates to throwing a party, so we will continue adding new content as time goes by.

Our Mission

We aim to help you throw a successful party, and we want this site to be the best article on throwing parties, so it will always remain free. We do not believe in charging for our content because we know how hard people work when planning an event, and paying money for something like that would make us feel bad about ourselves.